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About Us

Request For QuoteRobert Soper Limited (Soper’s) is a leading turnkey manufacturer and supplier of SoftWall enclosures, partitions, and curtain systems designed to control dust & fumes, noise, temperature, cross-contamination & odour, welding flash, and overspray. Our SoftWall products are used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, food, warehousing, aerospace, and mining across North America.

Serving the Canadian and U.S. markets, Soper’s runs a growing agent and distribution network. The company also embraces creative alliances to market its broad product mix across North America and the world.

Soper Fabric Products (SFP), a subsidiary of Soper’s, is a leading provider of architectural tensile fabric structures to the global design community.

Our History

The company that was to become Soper’s was founded in 1875 as a sailmaking business by J.A. Grant of Hamilton, Ontario. Robert Soper purchased this company in 1884. The company was incorporated as Robert Soper Limited in 1924. Soper’s has continuously adapted to the changing marketplace. Early products included coal bags, horse covers, and tents. During the First World War, Soper’s provided gun covers and kit bags to the Allied forces. During the 20th century Soper’s earned its reputation as one of Canada’s leading awning manufacturers. Again recognising the need to evolve, Soper’s entered into the industrial marketplace to provide fabric curtains, partitions, and enclosures. In the 1950s, Soper’s erected the very first air-supported structure in Canada, paving the way into a whole new market that ultimately lead to the set-up of Soper Fabric Products (SFP) as a separate subsidiary to focus entirely on architectural tensile structures. From its humble beginnings, Soper’s today employs computer-aided design (CAD) that produces pure shop-floor functionality at one end of the spectrum and bold, dramatic fabric architecture at the other

Our Facility

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Soper’s 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility features three FIAB welders: one with a 160 feet travelling head, one with a 30 feet travelling head, and the other portable – allowing us to fabricate the smallest of tension canopies and the largest of air-inflated structures. Plus, Soper’s employs a PTFE sealer for use with architectural fabrics.

In addition to our welding operations, we employ modern cutting and sewing practices, allowing us to produce a cutting-edge, dynamic finished product. Our expansive floor space offers ample room to manufacture large membranes.

Our People

Soper’s is a family-owned company with traditional business values and ethics. The company has been owned and managed by the Gallagher family for three generations. Our employees are the backbone of our business. From the plant floor to senior management, Soper’s maintains a customer-focused environment where you, the client, are number one.

Our Commitment

Equally impressive as our 140 year history is our reputation with our customers. One of Soper’s primary strengths is the fundamental understanding that we work for the customer. We understand the concept of a team effort. Our main objective is to achieve the proper balance between the benefits our SoftWall solutions offer and the cost restraints of the real world. We are not satisfied with a project unless the customer is.
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