Ceiling Baffles

Soper’s Ceiling Baffles effectively reduce reverberation and ambient noise levels throughout your entire facility. They are designed for simple and fast installation in large open areas. Soper’s Ceiling Baffles can be easily moved or repositioned to accommodate equipment and space changes in the work area.


  • Ambient noise reduction


  • Less noise; helps prevent hearing loss
  • Improved employee health, safety, and comfort
  • Less employee absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to install, relocate, and clean
  • Economical


  • Manufactured of loosely wrapped soft white 2 mil fire retardant film enclosing a 1.5 lb/cu. ft. flexible glass fibre core
  • Welded and sealed ends to prevent dirt and moisture
  • Each baffle is fitted with two plated grommets and supplied with three 16 gauge galvanized steel wire hooks
  • Lightweight, washable, and light reflective

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I determine which Soper's solution is right for me?

    Our Soper’s team can help guide you in determining which solution will be best suited to your needs and requirements with one or more of our survey sheets. Our survey sheets can be found on our Resources page. Once we have received the initial input from your completed survey sheets, and if possible pictures of the potential installation area, we will go to work on developing some preliminary concepts.

    Contact Soper’s today at 1-800-263-8334 or at info@sopers.com and we can help you get started!

    What is your order turnaround?

    The intricacy and size of the job requested will determine the length of time needed for approximate delivery. While times may vary, there are 3 levels of job categories that determine order turnaround time.

    Level 1: When ordering stock items, your order will take approximately 2 days to process before shipment

    Level 2: For a standard (typical) curtain, one to two-day order entry, requiring at least one more day for drawing approval and an additional two weeks for manufacturing.

    Level 3: When working with a complex project or a custom design the order entry process will take 2-3 days, followed by 1-2 weeks for drawing approval and up to 3-5 weeks for manufacturing to be completed before shipping

    Delivery times vary on geography and are approximate and installation time will vary upon application.

    Contact Soper’s today to determine the level of service required for your next project.

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