Clearflex Strip Curtains

Soper’s Clearflex Strip Curtains are an effective, economical solution to control temperature, welding flash, dust, fumes, and noise. Their overlapping strips create a curtain or door to help keep these unwanted problems out while letting you and your equipment in. Available in standard, low temperature, food, and welding grade polyvinylchloride (PVC), Soper’s Clearflex Strip Curtains are custom cut to your specification. Soper’s also carries a complete inventory of PVC roll goods in a variety of widths and styles.


  • Loading docks
  • Passageways and conveyors
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers
  • Wash-down areas
  • Fume hoods
  • Welding cubicles


  • Reduce energy usage and costs
  • Improve employee safety and productivity
  • Reduce welding flash, dust, fumes, and noise
  • Easy access without opening and closing doors


  • Available in standard grade, low temperature/food grade, and welding grade PVC
  • Various strip widths and thicknesses available, including 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 16”, and 48” wide strips
  • Custom cut to fit your specific opening
  • Various mounting options:
    • Wall mounting (above curtain/door opening)
    • Lintel mounting (under curtain/door opening)
    • Projection mounting
    • Roller mounting (retractable)


Brochure - Softwall Partitions and Curtains

SoftWall Partitions and Curtains – Brochure

Clearflex Stationary Survey Sheet

Clearflex Stationary Survey Sheet

ClearFlex Sellsheet

ClearFlex Sell Sheet

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What products do you keep in stock?

    • ClearFlex PVC rolls
    • Port-A-Screens
    • Port-A-Tanks
    • Pyramark racing markers
    • Fire blankets
    • Drip-tray liners
    • Leak diverters
    • Fabric in bulk rolls

    All other products have a design component that is customised to your specific application.

    Contact Soper’s today at 1-800-263-8334 or at

    How do I determine which Soper's solution is right for me?

    Our Soper’s team can help guide you in determining which solution will be best suited to your needs and requirements with one or more of our survey sheets. Our survey sheets can be found on our Resources page. Once we have received the initial input from your completed survey sheets, and if possible pictures of the potential installation area, we will go to work on developing some preliminary concepts.

    Contact Soper’s today at 1-800-263-8334 or at and we can help you get started!

    What is your order turnaround?

    The intricacy and size of the job requested will determine the length of time needed for approximate delivery. While times may vary, there are 3 levels of job categories that determine order turnaround time.

    Level 1: When ordering stock items, your order will take approximately 2 days to process before shipment.

    Level 2: For a standard (typical) curtain, one to two-day order entry, requiring at least one more day for drawing approval and an additional two weeks for manufacturing.

    Level 3: When working with a complex project or a custom design the order entry process will take 2-3 days, followed by 1-2 weeks for drawing approval and up to 3-5 weeks for manufacturing to be completed before shipping.

    Delivery times vary on geography and are approximate and installation time will vary upon application.

    Contact Soper’s today to determine the level of service required for your next project.

    Why Use SoftWall?

    You have an in-plant environmental problem – dust, fumes, noise, temperature, cross-contamination, odour, overspray, etc. You’ve considered hiring a contractor to build a traditional drywall, concrete block, or metal clad partition or enclosure. But, have you thought of installing a Soper’s SoftWall partition or enclosure? Consider the following advantages of a Soper’s SoftWall alternative to traditional rigid wall construction.

    Traditional rigid wall construction can cost anywhere from $8 to $35 per square foot. Soper’s SoftWall systems cost a fraction of what it cost to build a traditional rigid wall, leaving extra money in the budget for other concerns. Don’t forget about low future modification costs, as well.

    Traditional rigid wall construction is difficult to modify or move. Soper’s SoftWall partitions and enclosures can be easily disassembled and reinstalled or reconfigured elsewhere to accommodate new requirements.

    Installing a rigid wall can be expensive, messy and time consuming. Soper’s SoftWall Partitions and Enclosures can be installed quickly with little or often no downtime, meaning minimal interruption to production. Plus, there is no mess and aggravation typically associated with rigid wall installs.

    Call your regional agent and Soper’s for a more in-depth discussion!

    What's the difference between an absorber, barrier, and composite when addressing noise issues?

    Particularly in industrial settings, noise can affect productivity and efficiency, as well as being a health and safety concern. Noise can be constant, pulsating or intermittent and it can travel in unpredictable patterns. Surprisingly, without a proper design, attempts to simply block noise can actually make the problem worse. The following are 3 potential solutions to consider using:

    Acoustic Absorbers

    Acoustic Absorbers

    Soft, porous, open-celled absorbers lower the amplification of noise by reducing the amount of sound that is reflected back from other surfaces in an enclosed space.


    Acoustic Barriers

    Acoustic Barriers

    Heavy, dense, limp barriers block the transmission of noise fr om getting to other quieter areas by reflecting it back toward the already noisy area.


    Acoustic Absorber/Barrier Composite

    Acoustic Absorber/Barrier Composite

    Combining an absorber with a barrier has a double impact on noise. It efficiently blocks the transmission of the unwanted sound from getting to a quieter area and in addition reduces the amplification of sound on
    the already noisy side.

    Soper’s recommends that your best approach is to Block and Absorb, and degrees of this can be accomplished with the use of an Absorber, Barrier or combination Composite. Soper’s are the SoftWall specialists and can help you simplify a complex problem and identify a cost-effective, step-by-step solution to your noise control challenges.

    Call your regional agent and Soper’s for a more in-depth discussion!

    Is your fabric flame retardant?


    When designing your custom solution, Soper’s can meet Class 1 ASTM E 84 or NFPA 701 flammability specifications and building code requirements by matching the right fabric to your application.

    Both Canada and the United States uphold strict codes and regulations that determine classifications of flame retardant fabrics. There are many testing methods and agencies that perform these tests including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It’s important to note that flame-retardant materials are not fire proof. Here are some material examples that are used in a few of our popular product lines:

    Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) Select VCP materials meet NFPA-701, CAN/ULC-S109 and Class 1 ASTM E 84 flammability specifications Soper’s SoftWall Enclosures, Partitions and Curtains
    14 mil Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Clear PVC is a popular clear vinyl that is cost efficient, flexible, and durable and meets the NFPA-701 fire rating Curtains, Partitions and Welding Screens(PVC is available in clear or welding colours)
    Woven Polyethylene Woven polyethylene fabric provides extremely high tensile and tear strength in relation to its light weight and meets NFPA-701 and Class 1 ASTM E 84 flammability specifications Soper’s Curtains, Partitions and Fabric Air Ducts

    *Soper’s also carries a variety of specialty high temperature resistant fabrics

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